Saat Store


Saatstore watchmaking has been serving its customers all over Turkey since 1986. It has proven itself by showing its success in Turkey and increasing the awareness of its brands in the World and Middle East countries. It has always reached its goals and continues to work with new goals.

Saatstore Watchmaking and Foreign. Trade Ltd. Sti. It offers the newest models with the brands “COLISEUM, EXCEPTION, BLACK HUMMER, TARAFTAR” to the satisfaction of its customers at the most attractive prices.

Taking into account the economic conditions, offering the maximum quality at the highest level without losing the timeliness, selling and selling at affordable prices, Saatstore Saatcilik ve Dış. Trade Ltd. Şti.'s philosophy. It has gained the advantage of offering products to its customers at more competitive prices.

Saatstore Saatcilik ve Dış. Trade Ltd. Sti. It provides the most effective service by dividing its experienced and trained staff into task sections. It has a management approach that always prioritizes customer satisfaction and success.


To continuously improve our brand value by offering the newest models at the most attractive prices with the brands "COLISEUM, EXCEPTION, BLACK HUMMER, TARAFTAR", which includes products with high quality and original designs, in the watch industry.

To make our customers feel the importance we attach to customer satisfaction with the sensitivity we show to our product, service, brand and quality values ​​and to ensure their continuity at every stage before and after sales.


Saatstore Watchmaking and Foreign. Trade Ltd. Sti. It continues its commercial life, which it started in Istanbul since 1986, with 1 central store, 1 production center, 3 wholesale chain stores and 1 workshop.

We aim to ensure our permanent effectiveness by making our customers experience the difference in price and quality, and to have a strong organization in the world market together with our strong and leading identity in production and marketing.